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Sit and Read Furniture Blog

Is for people in the Brooklyn/NYC area who are Early American and Mid-Century furniture collectors and enthusiasts. IF THE PHOTO IS IN COLOR, THE ITEM IS STILL FOR SALE! All items are available to be viewed by appointment at the showroom, at 333 Scholes in Brooklyn, just email Or stop by and see us at Brooklyn Flea once a month!

In other words a blog maintained by a seller of Early American and Mid Century furniture who can be found at the Brooklyn Flea market regularly. I believe this is an excellent way of promoting your business simple and cost effectively on the World Wide Web.

I owe the author, Kyle Garner, this one, as he had chair blog in his blogroll quite some time now.

The photo shows a slat seat and back chair on a metal base by Arthur Umanoff for Raymor. Which he sells for US $ 100.-

Added: Not long after I posted this the color of the photo changed which means the chair has been sold:-)

Update: The Sit and Read Furniture Blog has ceased operation. It is replaced by a site Sit and Read

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9 Responses to Sit and Read Furniture Blog

  1. christian says:

    I would be interested in how old this chair is? It looks quite recent to me?

  2. gje says:

    Ask the Sit and Read Furniture Blog Author

  3. home furnishing in chennai says:

    Sit and Read Furniture Blog is good services. the all American people like the your company table. the different type sitting tablee. and the important long life use.


  4. Great, you can know if the furniture is sold by just looking the color.. By the way that chair looks very antique I love antiques.

  5. mark s says:

    I have a pair of stools that look to be Umanoff but with dowel legs. Anyone know of this form?


  6. Olegs says:

    NIce chair.

    Visit and observe our company high quality exclusive furniture.

  7. Kat @ retrochairs says:

    Two beautiful chairs are available. Also, Umanoff detoured into heights and back styles, not dowel legs. Enjoy your chairs as they are!

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