Sit Decent Chair

Sit Decent Chair

This was part of my experiment with Clipmarks, a clipping service that discontinued in February 2012.

Thanks to Russian reader BaleBala we know this chair was designed by the Russian Baby Boomers Artdesignstudio Tsesler & Voichenko Check them out.

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9 Responses to Sit Decent Chair

  1. balebala says:

    This chair made by Tsesler&Voichenko

  2. gje says:

    Thank you BaleBala
    Most helpful to find the designers.
    Did you see we solved the riddle of the mystery chair?

  3. I would love to retail these at my shop – if anyone knows a wholesaler please let me know.

  4. gje says:

    @Modern Chair Guy: I would suggest to approach the designers.

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  7. Amazing design so simple and clever I cant believe I have not seen something like this before!

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