Yin Yang by Nicolas Thomkins

Yin Yang by Nicolas Thomkins

Free of all convention, YIN YANG has its origins in the harmony of forms. YIN YANG unites the dynamic opposites of ancient Chinese philosophy into a harmonious interplay of color and form. A work of art that unites two elements into a flowing form was the result of close cooperation between the designer and the development team.

Yin Yang by Nicolas Thomkins

Nicolas Thomkins, born 1953 in Ascona, Switzerland, studied fine arts and sculpture at Düsseldorf Art Academy as well as industrial design at the Folkwang Design School of Essen University. In 1983, he founded his own design office, first in Maidenhead, Great Britain, followed by further offices in Lucerne, Essen and Cologne, here under the name “T.B.A. Designsozietät” and together with two partners. He has worked for clients such as Imperial, Miele, Gunther Lambert, Küppersbusch and Schindler Aufzüge AG and Fendi Casa. Nicolas Thomkins has won several awards in international design competitions such as the red dot design award: best of the best (2007), Legacy of the Future Award (2008) and iF design award china (2008).

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  1. This is really neat and cute, I especially like how he chose not to make a cushioned seat throughout but made two circle ‘pillows’ instead – cute! But the chair seems kind of impractical to me though… I wouldn’t put it in my house or in my backyard, because it creates a barrier between people sitting and I woudn’t want a wall between me and my guests. And then again, if one were to put it in a public place, it might be a bit too intimate for strangers to be facing each other just like that. So yeah, even though I like the sleek and elegant look of this chair, it is clearly not for me.

  2. […] Nicolas Thomkins, nascido em 1953, em Ascona, na Suíça, estudou artes plásticas e escultura em Düsseldorf Art Academy, e design industrial na Folkwang School of Design da Universidade de Essen. Em 1983, ele fundou seu próprio escritório de design, em primeiro lugar em Maidenhead, Reino Unido, seguido de novos escritórios em Lucerne, Essen e Colónia, aqui sob o nome de “TBA Designsozietät” e, juntamente com dois sócios. Ele já trabalhou para clientes como a Imperial, Miele, Lambert Gunther, Küppersbusch e Aufzüge Schindler AG e Casa Fendi. Nicolas Thomkins ganhou vários prêmios em concursos internacionais de design, como o Red Dot Design Award: melhor dos melhores (2007), Legacy of the Future Award (2008) e a China Design Award (2008)……………………………. Mais […]

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