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Photos of Abandoned Sofas in Suburban Australia

Paul Batt abandoned sofa

Via Feature Shoot I found Paul Batt, an Australian photographer who makes a series of abandonned sofas in Australia. The only reason his work caught my attention is the background of this abandoned sofa which looks like a Mondrian, member of de Stijl, inspired front of a building…all the way Down Under….

Abandoned Chair on a Major Historical Site

In Greco-Roman times the city of Paphos in Cyprus was the island’s capital, and it is famous for the remains of the Roman governor’s palace, where well-preserved mosaics and remains of mosaic houses are a major tourist attraction. The mosaics being an important historical spot, it was especially intriguing to find this abondoned house and a chair inside upon taking the wrong turn on the site when I visited.

Photo by yours truly.

Hasard Cheratte Chair

Hasard Cheratte Chair via RedDave
Hasard Cheratte Chair via X-itje
Hasard Cheratte Chair via Vergane Glorie

One of our Facebook fans, La Duchesse et le Crapeaud, pointed me to the Hasard Cheratte Chair.

Hasard Cheratte is a Belgian Coal mine which closed in 1977. Since then it is a fave exploration object for urban explorers and photographers whose subject is abandoned places. A whole new category opens up for Chair Blog, the abandoned chair

This chair was used to operate winches for a heavy piece of a crane or a lift in the mine.

Photos via RedDave,X-itje and Vergane Glorie