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Tongue in Cheek by Peter Harvey

Tongue in Cheek chair by UK designer Peter Harvey is inspired by the spirit of late 60’s and 70’s pop and is part of a limited edition collection where each chair is signed and numbered. The original wooden model of Tongue in Cheek was sold at auction in N.Y. in 2006 for $30,000.

Materials: UV resistant Polyester gel coat for exterior use, supported on polished stainless steel base and internal support.  Also available with a polished chrome base and internal support.

Dimensions: h 86cm w 50cm d 70cm

Colour options: Red, White, Orange, Pink, Yellow, Purple, Blue and Lime, other colours to order

Price: Chrome base: 4500.€ limited edition:50 pieces /Steel base: 4950.€ limited edition:50 pieces

Source: outdoorzgallery.com