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Dijsselhof Throne

Dijsselhof Throne I56A1020

Dijsselhof Throne

Recently I had the opportunity to walk through the Gemeentemuseum The Hague (The Hague Municipal Museum of Modern Art) with a museum guide only and solely devoted to me. We visited a room I’d never seen before. It turns out the room is behind curtains because it is very susceptible to daylight. It is the Dijsselhof room.

Gerrit Willem Dijsselhof was a Dutch Art Nouveau designer who had designed a room for a doctor who died before he could enjoy Dijsselhof’s design. Thereupon the room was donated to the museum while it was being build. So the museum has a rather unique situation of a room that is build around the interior designed by Dijsselhof.

The throne is part of the room.

Lateran Papal Throne

Lateran Papal Throne

Lateran Papal Throne

Or would Franciscus I stil use the Lateran Papal Throne?

Papal Throne

Papal Seat of the prior Pope

Papal Throne

With a new Pope named Franciscus I I’m curious whether they will design a simpler throne than for instance this one with the previous Pope.

Found on ProjectBook.

New King on the Block (err Throne)

New King on the Block
Tonight our Queen, H.M. Beatrix, Queen of The Netherlands, has announced she’ll abdicate in favor of her Son, H.R.H. Pince Willem Alexander on April 30, 2013. Off course the internet is flooded with parodies immediately, including this photoshopped throne.

Netherlands – Speech from The Throne

yes, I live in The Hague, seat of Dutch Government, and not until some twitter contact suggested I should pay some attention to the Throne from which our Queen Beatrix traditionally addresses both houses of Parliament, the House of Representatives (or Second Chamber) and the Senate in Joint Session in a Speech from The Throne to open a new Parliamentary year and to highlight the Government’s agenda for the new Parliamentary year on the third Tuesday of September, I realized my omission.

When one looks at the photo one would immediately say, as the Guardian does, “It looks like the Queen is camouflaged”. That triggered a question, because I believed the upholstery of the throne being reddish rather than blueish or blackish with a golden print.
Some searching on the web proved me right: The following photo proves the upholstery was reddish at least in 1988 (and also in 1996 I found out).


A photo by Jan van den Berg of the entire throne


dates from July 2011…from afar the upholstery seems a bit reddish.

My conclusion is I’ll have to have a look myself;-)

The Dutch name for the day of The Speech from The Throne is “Prinsjesdag” or Day of the Princes.