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Orange Wing Chair

Orange Wing Chair

Orange Wing Chair

In order to bring some Wing Chair or Wingback Chairs into the blog and in order to count down for April 30, 2013 when H.R.H Prince Willem Alexander of The Netherlands will become the first King of my country in over 100 years after his mother H.M. Queen Beatrix will abdicate in favor of him I’ll pay some extra attention to the color orange here. Our Queens and Kings are of the House of Orange. Now you know.

Shoelace Stool by François Azambourg

Shoelace Stool by François Azambourg

Shoelace Stool by François Azambourg

From time to time the French Network R3iLab brings together young designers and French often traditional and family owned textile industries to develop new products which they show at Maison et Object. In 2012 through this network French designer François Azambourg and Société Choletaise de Fabrication worked together to create an amazing stool. It is delivered in a flat pack with a cardboard template which in flatform is wound by a composite strand of metallic wire and polyamide threads. When you unfold the cardboard frame and rewire it with the strand you have your stool form. By plugging the strand into a power source, the composite thread is heated through the wire causing the polyamide to solidify. The cardboard frame then can be removed to reveal a solid strand stool.

Via parsonsees
via R3iLab
and via Coolhunting.

Top 5 of March 2013

1) 385 views: Lotus Chair by René Holten:

Lotus Chair by René Holten

2 and 3) 373 views: 2450 chair by Junpei Tamaki:

2450 Chair by Junpei Tamaki

2 and 3) 373 views: Chair Audio Mix:

4) 365 views: Ahrend, Friso Kramer and Ineke Hans:

Ahrend 380 by Ineke Hans blue

5) 349 views: Dogleg Chair by Derek Welsh:

Dogleg Chair by Derek Walsh

Top 5 of March, 2013

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I’ve left out Best of February, 2013.


After an update of Headway, we lost the Analytics tracking code last week. Oops! So no correct stats over the period. But a little increase according to Jetpack stats March with 52,468 views vs February with 49,886 views (an increase of 5.2%)

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