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Kolomon Moser Armchair

Kolo Moser Armchai aside P1030977

Armchair by Kolomon Moser P1030979

Kolomon Moser Armchair

The above armchair was designed in 1903 by Kolomon Moser for a young couple, Eisler vo Terramare, for the Breakfast Room. Thuja, Satinwood veneer and metal feet.
I took the photo at the Leopold Museum in Vienna in 2012.

When I published this post with the photo below I found out that it was a double of a prior post.

Was sold by Los Angeles Based Szalon which I found via 1stdibs.

Kolomon Moser Armchair

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Biltmore Hotel Armchairs by K.E.M. Weber

KEM Weber

Biltmore Hotel Armchairs by K.E.M. Weber

Are sought after objects.

The one from the photo was sold at Sotheby’s for $ 6,250 on March 6, 2014

“Arizona Biltmore Hotel, Phoenix, Arizona,” The Architectural Record, July 1929, p. 37 (showing the chair model in one of the hotel’s five-room suites)

screenshot-www sothebys com 2015-04-07 11-03-49

Earlier, in 2009 Sotheby’s tried to auction a red one to no avail. On 1stdibs there is a red one for sale.

KEM Weber Biltmore Chair White

Modernism Gallery calls the white high back a streamline chair, but that seems wrong.

KEM Weber Biltmore Settee
The Treadway Toomey auction partnership had a settee on sale in 2013 where it was sold for $5,937.50.