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Lick the Sugar Chair by Pieter Brenner

Lick the Sugar Chair

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Lick the Sugar Chair by Pieter Brenner

Long overdue, but still a project wordth a smile the Sugar Chair by Pieter Brenner.

Pieter Brenner was born January 5th 1976 in Amsterdam, where he spent his first five years of his life. Nevertheless, he consideres himself a German designer, but he never rejected the article “Designer from Netherland”. He worked for many years as a designer for companies in England, Brazil and Italy.

Via Pieter Brenner – the sugarchair.

Berlage Chair

Berlage Chair _MG_5010

Berlage Chair

This chair, designed by Dutch Architect Hendrik Petrus Berlage is part of the collection of the Stedelijk Museum Amsterdam which has an impressive collection of design chairs.

Berlage was a man who did not like curves. Because a chair needs a back that reclines a bit to make it more comfortable to sit on, he applied another design principle, according to reviewers of his work borrowed from the Egyptian Chair: Not having the back and the hind legs of the chair being made from one curving piece of wood, but to have the back lean on the seating or, like in this chair on the ruler connecting hind legs and front legs. Frank Lloyd Wright, who inspired Berlage did the same with this high back chair.

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Best 5 of June, 2013

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