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White Forest Chair by Robby Cabtarutti and Francesca Petricich

White Forest Chair by Robby Cabtarutti

White Forest Chair by Robby Cabtarutti Birth Mark

White Forest Chair by Robby Cabtarutti and Francesca Petricich

One of our readers asked me via e-mail:

I am hoping you can help me identify a chair that I have seen in Bellevue, Washington at the Microsoft building downtown. They are white metal dining chairs and have a design similar to the Vegetal Chair. I have a picture of the chair and the imprint on the bottom. Any help would be greatly appreciated!

Yess there is a vague similarity with the Vegetal Chair, but only vague. I was also thinking Konstantin Grcic, but also vague only.

After some research I was able to come up with the answer.

Italian designers Robby Cabtarutti and his wife Francesca Petricich designed this chair for Gruppo Sintesi But I also found Fast Spa having the chair in its collection. I don’t know whether the 2 are connected.

Leaf Chair by Alexander Gendell

Leaf Chair by Alexander Gendell


Leaf Chair by Alexander Gendell

Aluminum composite, stainless steel, synthetic textile
Designed 2009, manufactured beginning 2012

About Alexander Gendell

An architect working in Manhattan, NY, Alexander Gendell knows how to work with confined spaces. No matter how luxurious the end product, interiors tend to be tight. “This has always made me realize how ineffectively most spaces are actually used, and how difficult finding appropriately sized furnishings can be.”

Via Brooklyn Museum and Folditure.

Goldleaf Lui5 by Philippe Bestenheider

Goldleaf-Lui5-by-Philippe Bestenheider
Lui5 Goldleaf by Phillippe Bestenheider

Goldleaf Lui5 by Philippe Bestenheider

We’ve featured the new retro Lui5 of Philippe Bestenheider for the Italian Boffi Brothers earlier, but not the golden one. Since one of our contributors has a Golden Blog, we are always on the look out for golden chairs. Philippe is redoing his site. So I’ll link to his FaceBook page for the time being.

Thonet Back in Vienna?

Thonet no 1 MAK Vienna
Thonet no 1. Chair in The Vienna MAK Museum.

Thonet Back in Vienna?

My first discovery of Thonet was in Vienna at the Kohlmarkt in the 70ies. Then Thonet Brothers Austria was a separate entity and had a posh interior shop there. Since then Thonet Brothers Austria had been acquired by the Italian furniture company Poltrona Frau, but Poltrona didn’t do a lot with it. It almost burried Thonet.

In Februari, 2013, in an article in the Austrian Die Presse I’ve read Thonet would come back to Vienna.

The place where Thonet was expected to open shop is Stilwerk which may be translated as Style Factory, an organization that offers four exclusive design centers in Hamburg, Berlin, Düsseldorf and Vienna tooffer luxury interior design, design products and lifestyle accessories a presentation platform under one roof.

Howeve0r, looking at the Stilwerk site for Vienna, alas the Vienna Thonet Showroom is not shown there, whereas Ton is represented in Stilwerk….It seems the plans fell through. Too bad.


This was a photo that went with the article. Nice display i would say.

Actually I know there is at least one Thonet related person in our mailing list. Could he or she chime in here?

Back to Basics

Proud_ Grandpa_MG_6124A

Back to Basics

You may have noticed the publication frequency was low in the past period. That had 4 reasons:

  1. I was very busy running my small hotel Haagsche Suites.
  2. Two Grand Children were born in the last three months. Now I’m the proud Grandpa of 4 and I’ve enjoyed every minute with them thus far.
  3. We have had a very nice summery period here in The Netherlands, so I’ve taken off and went to the beach sometimes
  4. I was running an experiment to host this site on another server from another hosting company. If you’re interested you can read more about the adventure at Happy Hotelier

Bear Chair _MG_6151
And I bought a set of Bear Chairs….to spend some more time on our terrace ;-)

I’ve brought back the possibility to auto translate our English posts in 60 + languages. Auto translation is not ideal, but it may help all our foreign language fans.

And we’re back at Dediserve.

Stay tuned!