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Chair by Piet Klaarhamer

Klaarhamer Chair I56A1008

Chair by Piet Klaarhamer

Piet Klaarhamer was a Dutch architect and designer who was a disciple of Hendrik Petrus Berlage. Gerrit Rietveld on his turn was a discipel of Piet Klaarhamer.

This chair was designed for a boy’s room in villa Arendshoeve in Voorburg, a suburb of The Hague. De Arendshoeve belonged to the Bruynzeel family that operated various wood factories in The Netherlands and beyond. The color scheme was designed by a member of “De Stijl”, Vilmos Huszár.

The Central Museum of Utrecht will devote an exhibition to the relation between Gerrit Rietveld and Piet Klaarhamer from December 20, 2014 – March 22,2015.

Et Voilà – a Rocking Halloween Skull Chair

skeleton rocking chair

Et Voilà – a Rocking Halloween Skull Chair

We have a little bit of a Halloween history. In itself it is hardly celebrated here in The Hague by the locals, but we have quite a number of English speaking foreigners in The Hage. Hence we see some Halloween celebrations sometimes.

Wegner China Chairs by Johannes Hansen

Wegner China Chairs

Wegner China Chairs by Johannes Hansen

Only gradually I start to understand the naming principles of Wegner Chairs. Aparently Johannes Hansen was the first furniture maker Hans Wegner cooperated with.

Johannes Hansen

Johannes Hansen was a Danish furniture maker who produced furniture between 1940´s-1970´s.

Therafter production ceased. However several pieces been sold high-end auctions.

An important part of Johannes Hansen’s success has been based on the fruitful cooperation with Hans J. Wegner, which was initiated in 1940. In 1941 the first pieces of furniture designed by Wegner were displayed in Johannes Hansen’s store in Bredgade 65 in central Copenhagen.

Johannes Hansen was more than twice as old as the 26 year old Wegner but the unique collaboration between the two became the undisputed backbone of Danish furniture design and the main reason for its worldwide recognition in the fifties and sixties. The Copenhagen Museum of Art and Industry acquired the first Wegner chair in 1942. In 1944 Wegner designed for Johannes Hansen the first of a long series of ‘chinese’ chairs, a series of chairs inspired by portraits of Danish merchants sitting in Ming chairs. Another of his famous designs, the Peacock chair, was first introduced in 1947. The chair was manufactured for a very long time by Johannes Hansen, but was later picked up and resumed by PP Møbler in 1992, as Wegner had upgraded the basic design in the late 1980’s.

So Wegner chairs with JH in it are chairs designed for Johannes Hansen.

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